Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Understanding Address in New Zealand

In Indonesia, usually we have an address structure like this:

Nomor (Number)
Alamat (Street Address)
RT/RW (District Code) as an option
Kelurahan/Desa (Suburb)
Kecamatan (Town)
Kota/Kabupaten (City)
Kode Pos (Post Code)

Therefore, an example address would be like this:

[12], [Nangka Street], [RT/RW 10/14], [Utan Kayu], [Matraman], [Jakarta Timur], [13452]

In New Zealand, usually people living in the same address with some of families. They live in a flat or house.To separate the privacy, usually in a site, there would be one of more units for living. The address structure would be like this:

Unit Number
Street Address
Post Code

An example address would be like this:

[2]/[14],[Chivalry Road], [Glenfield], [North Shore], [Auckland City], [0634]

So, please don’t get confused when you finding home address in New Zealand. Enjoy your visit when you are here.

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